03 May 2005

Is there a vitamin supplement for that?

As I sit here pondering this whole blog thing, I am also considering the two, full, legal-sized pages that are my incomplete "things to do" lists -- one for work and one for home. The work list takes care of itself because I live by the almighty deadline. But, the list at home contains such things as "hang gutters, install storm windows", and "bar lighting". I think I have ADD. I can't seem to stay focused on any one thing long enough to complete it. So, I am making a conscious effort to whittle away at the list.

At the moment, I don't know of anything in nature to help me with this lack of concentration thing. Thanks to the well-funded pharmaceutical industry, however, I can take a synthetic substance that no doubt was derived from something never intended for human consumption. A drug that should reign me in. And as a special bonus, I'll also have anal leakage, a stabbing pain in the head, my penis will fall off and I'll grow a third arm.

I find it incredible that these drug makers can legally put drugs on the market that cause the ridiculous lists of side effects we're subjected to at the end of one of their uplifting, life changing, 30-second fairy tales on TV where we see some brainwashed idiot running through a field of daisies with nary an allergy problem or animated white blobs of emotion go from sad to glad. Yeah, buddy. I really can identify with a white blob.

Too bad they don't show the whole story, you know, Depends and all.

Ok. I've diverted long enough. Time to get back on that illustration I am working on.

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