29 August 2005

God, I hate these people

Since the beginning of time envy and greed has shaped the world. I suppose it's human nature. But to become civilized we have learned to treat each other with respect, celebrate our differences and live together in harmony, right?

Since I cannot figure out how to seperate my rage this will probably be long and rambling.

Will someone please tell Bush that we know he is a liar? Can we get him a ticket on the clue bus?

We know that his motivation is all for himself and his cronies. None of what he is doing is for the good of the world. What he is doing is all for himself and his "2% of the population friends." And he's doing it by distracting the public with other things. Like not responding to hurricane Katrina and the disasters in New Orleans, Gulfport and Biloxi in the proper manner. And, to deflect the blame, he's pointing fingers at Louisiana's government.

Excuse me? FEMA doesn't fall under Governor Blanco's jurisdiction.

I am constantly disgusted with the Bush administration's spin on their agenda. Every day I read of permanent tax breaks for this industry or permanent elimination of estate tax. Permanent this. Permanent that. Corporate greed run amok. I see CEOs, CFOs and COOs take millions of dollars in bonuses from their struggling industries — ones that they have helped cripple — while they expect the people who actually do the work to foot the bill either through slashing salaries, underfunding pensions or both. I watch as industries are laying off workers who have spent their entire careers building these corporations to magnificent heights have the lives they've planned through retirement crushed by a bunch of greedy, heartless bastards.

The arrogance of these so-called leaders, particularly the self-righteous Dubya and his apparently blind disciples, is embarrasing for us all over the world. Surely they realize that as they have swiftly rewritten laws and regulations to pat the backs and pad the pockets of family, friends, supporters and the wealthy few, that we — the many who realize that what they've done and continue to do is like a cancer upon the health of this country — can and will elect leaders who will reverse their poor, corrupt actions just as quickly. Six years ago, we had a president who couldn't, apparently, keep his pants on. But we were in good shape. We didn't have a $500 billion deficit. We weren't paying $4+/gallon for gasoline.

Hurricane? Save it. If we weren't already wasting lives and money chasing after the ever elusive weapons of mass destruction, we'd be better prepared to care for our own, here on the Gulf Coast, and in New Orleans.

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