12 December 2005

More Later

Ok. I was watching yet another dismal performance on The Apprentice Martha Stewart. We watched in agony as Charles took a moment to remove the cigar that says "I have an oral fixation with large tubular objects and this is the most socially acceptable one I can get away with in public" to utter an unnecessary comment about something that happened that was clearly obvious. Stick that thing back in your mouth and shut up. You're the reason the show has been canceled.

Well, not really. But, I digress.

Cut to a commercial for the Jeep Commander. Yet another entry into the gas-guzzling arena of SUVs that will never see anything remotely resembling off-road, driving up on a beach from out of the ocean. I can see the headline now. "Family drowns while trying to sight-see in the ocean, driving their Jeep Commander."

Watch the Commander navigate this Wal-Mart parking lot.

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The Angry Czeck said...

I was in Memphis the other week when I really wanted to see if that Jeep commercial could actually work. So I broke into my old ad agency's parking lot and stole a 1967 Grand Prix, and then rolled it into the Mississippi River. It sank, in like, six seconds. I guess I should have rolle up the windows.