04 July 2006

One of Those Days

It's the Fourth of July and normally Cameron would be here with me and perhaps a few close friends. We'd be sipping cocktails by the pool. Not like the Independence Day we decided to have a "red, white and blue" theme, of sorts. We did it with cocktails. Bloody Marys in the morning. Pina Coladas in the early afternoon while we languished in the pool. Then when it was time to start dinner we switched to Blue Hawaiians. We made it through dinner. We needed the steaks, potato salad and baked beans to absorb some of our patriotic enthusiasm. But because we were all in bed by 8, we missed firing a few bottle rockets and firecrackers and the pineapple upside-down cake waited until breakfast.

This year, Cameron is working. So, I'm here with Doris, Billie and Edith contemplating my day. I've been awake since 6:30 after a fitful night of rest. The heartburn kept waking me up. We made spaghetti and fried green tomatoes for dinner last night. I know that fried green tomatoes are an odd accompaniment to spaghetti, but they were beginning to show signs of ripening and needed to be fried. I bought them to fry as a side to the barbecued ribs that we ate Sunday night. But I didn't make them Sunday because two extra people came for dinner and I wouldn't have had enough for all of us.

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