16 November 2006


The parking lot and drive-thru lane at the Midtown Starbucks needs some Ex-Lax. I'm not endorsing a brand. Thankfully, a healthy diet (including plenty of fruits, vegetables and yogurt) and chlorophyll supplements alleviate any necessity for such. It's just what my grandmother always had in the medicine cabinet.

Anyway, I am sure that the persons responsible for planning the Starbucks site did the best they could with their limited knowledge (being out-of-towners, I presume) of how the intersection of McLean Boulevard and Union Avenue works. The intersection was busy when the practically out-of-business Panchos was there 10 years ago.

Now, with the Starbucks on one corner, a giant, hideous Walgreens across the street on the opposite corner, and people driving into the lot the wrong way from McLean and the drive through line extending several cars into Union, it's just a big stinky mess.

Like what Edith left in the cat box last night. Why on Earth is it that when you buy a litter box with a lid that your feline companion feels that he or she can forgo the covering of the crap ritual? She'd much rather scratch on the plastic lid for 45 minutes than take the few seconds to cover up the pile. And, the box is clean. Brand new litter -- two days old.

Speaking of days, I am on day 15. And, dammit, I just realized I forgot to put the patch on again. Perhaps it's a subconcious thing. The Band-Aid residue is gross. But, thanks to a helpful hint from GBoogie and a little experimentation of my own, I have finally figured out how to get the residue off of my skin. The witch hazel worked (with a little scrubbing). Now I'm using baby oil. It's all good.


Nonfat-triple-venti-caramel macchiato on the #4 key. Gotta go. Have a great Thursday.

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