21 November 2006

Jellied. No Berries, Please.

After I made cranberry chutney Saturday night I pulled a vintage Ball Freezer and Refigerator mason jar out of the cabinet to store it in. Since there was more than enough to fill the jar I filled another smaller jar and took some to our friends Gene and Cindie.

She said, "THIS is cranberry to me. Gene likes the crap in a can."

After I laughed out loud, I told Cindie that I like the crap in the can, too -- but the day after Thanksgiving, with a turkey sandwich on wheat with Hellmann's (even though they didn't take my advice and revert back to glass jars) and lots of baby dills.

Anyway, the recipe for the chutney came out of The Commercial Appeal many years ago. It's pretty easy to make. A bag of cranberries, two cubed apples, a chopped onion, brown sugar, vinegar, ginger, cayenne, black pepper, allspice and a microwave are all you need.

Outside of being excited about the approaching holidays, I am going to drive out East today for lunch. My new bowling ball should be drilled and ready for me to pick up at Bartlett Lanes. I can't wait!

The new ball.

I'm going to see if I can get a group of people together for some practice bowling on Friday afternoon -- prior to our annual pilgimage for a Christmas tree. I need to be ready for Sunday's league bowling. We're still in first, but only by one game now. It's time to step it up.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Gina Bruce said...

i can't take it... you're a blast from the past... Ball glass canning jars, the COMMERCIAL APPEAL (STOP IT!) and your new ball.


Hope you fellas had a great Turkey Day!!

What are you up to on not smoking - it must be close to a month now? I celebrate two months on 12/1!