13 November 2006

Something's Not Working

I'm still not smoking. Good.

I'm still watching what and how much I eat. Good. Lost another percentage of body fat. Good. Still at 183. Good.

Haven't made it back to the gym yet. Not so good. Ditto Friday's overindulgence in martinis.

I went to a housewarming dinner party on Saturday. It was a nice, quiet evening with friends in their beautiful new home. Cameron didn't go -- didn't feel up to going -- we were having issues.

Went to league bowling Sunday. The standings sheet says our team is in first place. My average is back up to 180. Chris' is up, too: 215. Out of the four of us, our team's handicap is the lowest on the league. We ended up winning 3 against a team that pre-bowled. What's not working there is consistency. My first game was in the 150s, my second was 214, and the last was 143.

While I have been avoiding any shopping, (good) I am going to look for a replacement ball and shoes, today. Probably a bag, too. My shoes are 20 years old -- which when you consider that I wear them 28 times a year -- I've gotten good service out of them. The ball is at least 8 years old and saturated with lane oil -- resurfacing usually only lasts until around the second game of the week after the service is performed.

Anyway, I don't know if I am expecting too much of myself, too soon.

I guess that's my nature. But, that, in and of itself is the problem. Right now, I can't help it. It seems that when I gain momentum in a certain direction, especially if it's good, I want it across the board. NOW.

It's like that sometimes, too, when I gain momentum in a not so good area too. (Like the last couple of years' credit purchase extravaganza). I go until I can't anymore.

I've got to keep trying. It's Monday. I'm at work and really don't want to be. And, I suppose if I'm doing this instead of revising some design work, I'm making this morning's entry title come to fruition.

Need to get something working.

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Gina Bruce said...

terrific on continued not smoking!!! proud of you and keep it UP!