28 November 2006

That's not how you're supposed to do it, is it?

Black Friday. Where did this term come from? Is it a reference to retailers' bottom line? It a reference to the color of shopper's eyes as a result of fighting over the last perfect gift on the shelf?

Either way, it sounds like a bad movie title from the seventies.

We opted to stay away from any retailer that day. Because I was having sinus problems, we chose to put off buying our Christmas tree until Saturday. John and I went bowling instead. This would be my first time to walk into the lanes with my new ball, shoes and bag to bowl. I was very excited until I went up to throw my first ball.

The shoes I had been wearing for bowling (for twenty years) had leather soles on both left and right shoes. They were ugly beige things made by Brunswick, but they were broken in. I could "shuffle" up to the lane in them. Because I am right-handed, my slide shoe is the left. These new shoes have rubber soles on the right shoe (read: NO shuffling), and microfiber on the left.

As I dropped my new ball at the foul line, I followed it for three steps past the line to keep from falling on my face. A man bowling on the lanes to our left asked, "that's not how you're supposed to do it, is it?". Um, no.

Needless to say, the Easy Slide came out of my bag and both shoes were liberally coated with it. I managed to pull a 157 out of that game -- only 30 pins below my average. Then I followed it with a 225, 202, 187, and 199.

Needless to say, I like my new ball.

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