19 December 2006

The Table is Full

If you've spent any time looking at these posts you've probably guessed that I don't usually have anything really significant to say. Sometimes I do, though. This may or may not be one of those times.

It's a place where I come when I feel like writing, whether it's for joy or pain, love or hate, ranting or raving, remembering or forgetting. Or, voicing my opinion on a myriad of things all over the map.

Maybe this isn't an ideal use of my time or this space. But, for now, it's what it is.

Right now, I am on the verge of tears. Anger. Pain. Disbelief. I am begging for understanding on how any parent could do this to their child.

I followed a link from our internal website to the headlines on

I was reared in the Christian faith. I believe that the Church's teachings leave a lot on the table. Fortunately, in my early twenties I met someone who I encouraged me to look beyond the Church and understand the truth in God's message.

Fast forward a few years (don't ask) and I believe that in one way or another those of us who believe in a supreme being or higher power are more than likely worshiping the same God. We just call that God by different names. Outside of religious fanatics that believe that it's their duty to rid the world of evil (it is not -- the Bible tells me so), we all are instructed in whatever language to love unconditionally. It's something I struggle with in many ways big and small every day of my life. Part of what "unconditional" includes is forgiving.

When I see things like the story above, I cannot. I'll never understand how a Judge could sentence this monster of a parent to anything other than the maximum penalty allowed by law. She has altered the course of this little girl's life forever.

She should feel privileged that she was able to take parenting classes and vocational training. Unfortunately, her daughter paid for those classes.

I think she should spend the rest of her life making license plates and praying that her daughter can find the help she needs to function in society. I pray that my feelings are justified in that I am happy the appeals judges disagreed with the decision.

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