20 December 2006

There's a Light...

Remember Frank N. Furter? Hopefully you do.

We used to go the Vogue Theater in St. Matthews (Louisville) at Midnight on Saturday nights to throw hot dogs every time his name was mentioned. Or, rolls of toilet paper anytime anyone in the movie would say, "Dr. Scott." Pieces of toast, playing cards and many other items were tossed at other points during the weekly screenings of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

If you are too young to remember, don't watch the movie on a cable-accessed screening. Look for a theatre that's playing it. It's the only way to see the movie that pretty much launched the career of Susan Sarandon. Unfortunately, Tim Curry didn't get much of a boost, but he at least had some memorable roles (in my idiot opinion). And, apparently, according to IMDB, lots of voiceover work in animated roles and two yet unreleased features that are in post-production.

That was a tangent. Sorry.

The light I was initially referring to is the one where I believe I have addressed the last Christmas card I will address this year. Thanks to some encouraging words from my friend (I think it's OK to say this -- it's still new to us) GBoogie, it's time to let go. I have now had the time to clean up after myself. Since Cameron is gone I can blame nobody but myself for eating crap for the last week and having empty pizza boxes to throw out. When he's home I make sure to do my best to provide appealing, nutritious and different meals. God knows, eating on the road is no picnic. (No, I'm not wearing an apron and pearls). But, when he's gone I can fully sustain myself on leftovers and a bit of stir-fry. Lately, though, who has time to do even a little stir-fry?

After avoiding any type of fast food for the previous four months (excepting maybe 3 or 4 times), I have committed sacrilege on my well being during the last week by consuming Wendy's (twice), Pei Wei (twice), Burger King (today), Back Yard Burger (yesterday lunch) and finally a whole pizza (a small spicy italian last night from Papa John's). Talk about knocking the crap out of losing 15 pounds... and not needing any laxative the next day.

Sorry. Just had to say it. I feel like I've been sitting on the shop-vac.

Anyway, I am going to venture out to the garage and peek in the freezer. Surely I'll find something that resembles healthful eating -- I usually make extra of whatever for just such an occasion. And I can actually take a breath knowing that the remainder of shopping I have to do is minimal, that I have a few gifts to wrap, and, SURELY the packages I've been waiting for will arrive tomorrow.

Pleasant dreams. Cool Yule (more on that to come). Merry Christmas to all.

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