18 December 2006

Yep. Spazz.

How 80's is that? Doesn't matter. That's what I am tonight and here's why.

1. I'm not done Christmas shopping.

2. I haven't wrapped anything that I've already purchased.

3. I haven't finished mailing Christmas cards because my address book is stuck somewhere between Mac OS9 and OSX Tiger (which doesn't run OS9 applications like the OSX jaguar, panther, whatever version that I have at work that doesn't have the most updated Now Up-to-Date information like the old disconnected Mac G3 that lives in the attic now. I am having to go through at least two years worth of old filed e-mails to find up-to-date information -- and working while at work makes this difficult.

4. I don't know whether the presentation we're supposed to make at 9:30 Wednesday is postponed until the second week of January, as it should be. There was talk of that, but no answer as yet. We have had less than a week to pull magic out of thin air. And those of you who know me know that I am only using that phrase to be polite. I am taking Christmas week off, so presenting later will be difficult enough to accomplish.

5. I am still waiting for delivery of several gifts that I ordered well before the cutoff date.

6. I have been awake since 4 a.m. (I got up to spend a few minutes with Cameron and to move my car so he could leave on a 5-day trip). Of course, neither of us had enough rest. Unfortunately for us, there was a call from scheduling, around 8:40 p.m., informing us that Cameron had been assigned a trip for which he was ineligible earlier in the day, due to seniority issues. Apparently the asshole who was initially assigned the trip called in sick right after their assignment. Then another dick pulled the same stunt. And, as I have mentioned in the past, Cameron does what he agreed to do when he accepted his job 17 years ago.

Wouldn't it be nice if, after being assigned a project, I could suddenly feign illness in order to pawn the task off on someone else?

"Oh. I'm sick. I won't be able to complete this crappy project for the moron who doesn't know the difference between good marketing strategy and his wife's opinion. Oh, she took an art class? Isn't that grand...

Sorry. I'm just tired. It's midnight and I should be concentrating on the other things I've listed above. But my penmanship get's sloppy after hours of handwriting, and we can't have that. I should be in bed, but I haven't posted for a while. And after reading the rant above, perhaps I should have waited.

But maybe it's good to get it on "paper" and clear my head.

So, in the interest of clearing negative energy and working toward the positive, one last bitch. Then I have to go to bed.

Last Sunday night (not last night but the week before) was the last week of the first half of the season for our bowling league. Going into it, we had been in first place for more than eight weeks and only needed to win 2 games to keep our ranking. We won the first game. But that was the only one.

Now, we're in second after losing by one game to let's just say a generally disliked team of dykes. (One of them is always nice and we like her -- I wouldn't call her a dyke. The remaining three are comprised of: a complete bitch, someone similar to Sally Field's character in the 1976 movie Sybill, and, finally, one whose disposition is about as engaging as yesterday's mashed potatoes.) And, talk about attitude when things don't go their way. While it may sound as if I am a blood-and-guts competitor, I am not. Nor is the rest of my team. While everyone likes to, we don't always win. But we don't let that detract from the camaraderie that we like to share. Not these chicks. They were very "un-fun" at the beginning of the second game. Whatever. (That's our team name, too.)

This, after the fact that we have more total pins than any other team on the league.
Anyway, last night was the first of the second half. And, we bowled very well. All of us. I am very pleased with my 196, 211, and 244.

Pleasant dreams to all, and to all a good night.

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Gina Bruce said...

while I don't wish you aggravation, i loved this post! a new side to you I've not seen before.

don't stress. it'll all fall where it's supposed to...even when you think it won't.

Gina's 2007 Mantra: let go...

Happiness, Health, Time with your Beloved, Good Fortune - I wish upon you in 2007, d.