30 January 2007


When I tuned into "Wisecrack" on Logo last Tuesday I laughed out loud at the sight of Margaret Cho's T-shirt. "Betch" was emblazoned across the front. Funny stuff.

On the not so funny side, I am working from home today because I'm experiencing respiratory congestion, nausea and vomiting. And, while I am feeling better than I did in my office at 8:35 this morning, I'm still not all there. I hope the nurse practitioner at my doctor's office calls in a Z-pack for me. I'm still waiting to hear from her.

Because I'm at home, I have the television on. And here's where the title of this post becomes significant if you consider the ramblings of an idiot significant: I gave Rachael Ray another chance because I was too lazy to look for the remote control in all the blankets on the bed. And while her use of cutesy "Rachaelisms" like E.V.O.O. still annoys the crap out of me I actually think she could grow on me. In otherwords, I'm eating crow. I think I may have been a bit too harsh and a tad hasty in my criticisms.

Her guests today were a medium and Montel Williams. The show was enjoyable. It was followed by "Martha." I have always been a big fan of Martha Stewart's. But a couple things were painfully obvious as soon as Martha opened her mouth. First, when compared to Rachael Ray, she doesn't seem quite as comfortable in front of the camera. And not that I'd do any better by a long shot, "um" was common in her delivery of dialogue. She just didn't seem as polished, although I know better. Secondly, the first five minutes of the show were totally self-indulgent or self-absorbed plugs for new products and services being offered by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

While I believe she and her many colleagues are talented and smart as evidenced by the stellar success of MSLO, I think I'm reaching maximum density on how much Martha wishes to permeate every segment of my life. I have subscribed to "Living" for many years. I subscribe to "Everyday Food" (which I believe is perhaps the best magazine I've ever subscribed to -- one of the few I read from cover to cover). I use often. I have her day-of-the-week dishtowels (a gift). I have her mandoline. I have her knife sharpener. There are many other things around this house that are emblazoned with MSE on the bottom, on a tag or otherwise.

She announced two new things this morning on her show. They're launching a new line of Crafts which were announced at the craft manufacturer's trade show in Southern California last weekend. This was announced just after we were shown a hardback photo album of her trip to Greece over the holidays, which was put together through for a small fee. She also showed us photo Valentine's Day cards that are available for creation/purchase on the site.

Guess I'm done here. I've been distracted. ADHD? Perhaps. Feeling cuckky? Definitely.

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