12 January 2007


I finally made it to the gym tonight. After having spent the majority of Tuesday evening in the office preparing for a Wednesday presentation (that went very well), I took a off little early (1 hr.) to go to the "Y".

I decided that since it had been before Halloween since the last time I worked out that I'd take it easy. An hour on the elliptical (zone 5 -- glutes, level 2) worked out nicely. I burned 600 calories and am looking forward to going with Cleo tomorrow morning at 10 for another workout. I'll do a little cardio (30 min.) then weights (30 min.) That should make me plenty sore. Memorial Day, here I come. I'm doing everything I can to meet my goal of 161 by then. gave me an "F" for the martini I'm drinking right now, but after I finish that I'm going to sit in the shaitsu massage chair for :15, and then make an attempt to put the Christmas decorations that are piled on the dining room table back in storage.

Woo hoo! Have a great Friday night, everybody.

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