08 February 2007


I called the doctor's office today to get the report on my blood work. I was intrigued by the statement "it all looks good." Another call may be in order for clarification.

The only concrete figure I got was that my cholesterol level is 190. According to the American Heart Association this is acceptable. But I didn't get a figure for HDL cholesterol. So I don't feel like I know everything, but at the very least I feel good about the results of this physical.

Back to the gym!


Gina Bruce said...

ok -

#1. glad you're posting again
#2. glad your physical went well
#3. do you fiber as a daily supplement? I do, and it dramatically helped me lower my cholesterol. I went for a physical two years ago and I had cholesterol close to 200 but still under("acceptable"). I started exercising regularly and taking daily fiber supplements (just metamucil, 2 caplets, 2-3 times per day) and the next year, my levels were down to 155, with my low cholesterol lowered by like 30 points. WOO HOO.

So- take fiber. it'll help lower your cholesterol and keep your grocery hole clean and happy.


David said...

I'll do it! I've added Metamucil to my grocery list for my Saturday morning at Dirty Schunck's.

Maybe I'll have to try Benefiber. Their commercials are beautifully shot, and I like that. Although caplets seem easier to fit into a somewhat active (read: hectic) life.