13 February 2007

Feeling Lucky

Our bowling team's name is "Whatever". When we were at the first night of league bowling three years ago Richard, our league secretary at the time, asked me "what's your team name?" And, because I get bored with the cheeky or trashy or otherwise drool names, I replied, "Whatever." He said, "sounds good to me," and so there you have it. It's been out team name ever since.

I wore my new favorite shirt to bowling on Sunday. It's one I bought when I was in Louisville over Christmas, bowling with my family at Lucky Strike lanes.

It worked for us this past Sunday. We all bowled well. Some of us better than some of us. But, we beat our team record, twice. We've held high scratch game (804), high handicap game (898), high scratch series (2255), and high handicap series (2540) since the beginning of the year.

Our new record was set for scratch and handicap games with our first game: 822 and 901 respectively. Mark: 243; Cameron 142; Chris 236; David 201.

Then, in the second game we broke the new record we set in the first game. We had 918 scratch and 997 with handicap. Mark bowled his highest game ever, a 258. Chris bowled a 300. I've never written "300" on a scoresheet. It was his second time to bowl a perfect game. Cameron and I rounded out the scores with a 158 and 202, respectively.

Finally, in our last game, Mark bowled a 217, Cameron, 154, Chris 219 and I bowled a 198. For that game our team scratch was 788 and game with handicap was 867. We finished the night with Mark's scratch series at 718. Cameron's scratch series was 454, Chris' scratch was 755 and mine was 601. Our total scratch was 2528 and series with handicap was 2765.

Woo hoo! Love to break our records!

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