26 February 2007


Thanks to Energy 92.7 in San Francisco, I can avoid listening to the crappy radio stations we have here in Memphis.

I'm not talking about our independent station, WEVL, which I love. Or, WUMR, our University of Memphis jazz station. Or, even WKNO, our NPR, classical station. When I'm in the mood, I give them each a listen and usually love it.

But, Dance? Here? Not on your life.

In saying crappy, I'm talking about any of our popular music stations -- the ones that play shitty thug music (of which we have more than our share in Memphis), or the Top 40 station that plays only a handful of "safe," poppy, crappy, so-last-decade music (and even when they'd try to be cool and do "polyester" weekends it was too much K.C. and the Sunshine Band and not much else but the overplayed standards that always show up on the latest "best disco" albums.

Our excuse for a country music station = SUCKS. Our soccer mom-whiny-adult contemporary-elevator music station that's "safe for work and kids" = SUCKS. Not into Celine Dion all day.

On Energy 92.7, Fernando and Greg's morning show kicks it. You should check them out. Sterling James, DJ Ajax and Cardio Radio rock, too. Because of these guys, I have a new favorite radio station and favorite song of the moment. The lyrics for Hellogoodbye's "Here (in your arms)" reminds me of how I feel about Cameron. And I love that it's danceable.

LOVE IT. The video is fun, too.

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