14 February 2007

Love. Hate. Love. Hate.

Cameron and I observed Valentine's Day last night because he left for work this morning and will not be home until Saturday. He is so wonderful. And, this, our 15th Valentine's Day was as special as the first. Probably even the best with the exception of the year that I got us wedding bands.

He had flowers for me that he arranged himself -- which is no small feat for a non-girly man. A martini was waiting for me. He'd been to Lucchesi's for take-home and heat lasagna, both veggie and meat. He made a Caesar salad and had Garlic Bread waiting to be heated.

I on the other hand had been to Inz & Outz to get him a card, a sexy red undergarment, some naughty candy hearts and a bottle of video head cleaner.

Let's let it suffice to say that we loved a very nice night. I just hate that he had to go.

On another note, I'm loving this:

because it means that this:

will be here today. And that means I can start using this:

as a gym bag. It makes a lousy laptop bag in my opinion. In fact, I hate it as a laptop bag.


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Gina Bruce said...

video head cleaner, IN DEED.

Thank God I was reading this at home. I was totally laughing out loud for real. Charlie was looking at me like I was crazy.

Well, I am crazy.

Hey - email me at and give me your email addy. I can't find it and I get all confused b/c used to I'd get these crazy bounces from you b/c I think your company name changed, etc. I am confused easily. Oh wait - I could visit your profile, I'll do that but email me anyway. =)

nubbin you on a thursday.