16 February 2007

Not So Happy

A bunch of us went to The Happy Mexican for lunch today. We had a nice time -- it was fun. Service was very slow which put me on track to be late for a photo shoot. Upon further analysis, I realized that once I got everybody back to the office, though, I still had time to make it to the shoot in the nick of time.

What I hadn't realized, however, was that my digestive system wasn't so happy. Before I could make my way to the shoot I had to make a pit stop. A lengthy one.

I thought my chile relleno tasted odd with my first bite, but I figured that it was my taste buds and not the relleno. Now I think my instincts were right. I finished the shoot, cancelled a meeting with our friend/real estate agent and am now at home.

I'm having little Sprite on ice and hopefully I'll feel better soon.

The fact that it's Friday ought to help, too.

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