26 February 2007


I love these. We bought them in 2002.

A couple things I don't love, though, are that the pedastal drawers are somewhat impractical, as most laundry care product packaging doesn't fit in the shallow space unless it's stored on it's side, and that seemingly every time I launder jeans the legs come out horribly twisted. This is true for king size sheet sets and other bedding as well.

Online, I was searching for any information on twisted jeans and front-loading washers to better prepare myself for this post. Landing on iVillage Garden Web, I found a lot of interesting comments, and now surmise that other brands of machines are apparently far worse than the Duet HT at twisting legs. The problem is that the marketing for the machines talks of increased load sizes, (like 12 pairs of jeans, for instance), water savings, energy efficiency and such. On the occasion that I've put 12 pairs of jeans in the dryer, I can be guaranteed twisted pant legs.

Yesterday, I discovered that a smaller load does much better. We washed 7 pairs. Since water usage is dictated by weight and we can adjust the amount of HE detergent we're using we should still be saving something -- money, water, electricity -- something. And after a touch up in the dryer, my Diesel Yarik's looked fabulous this morning.

So, still love more than not love the DuetHT.

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