27 March 2007

Going Up

Awesome day, today. As far as I can tell this is one of those uphill days associated with a mildly manic life. And, I think it's going to be the first of several up days. At least it feels like that.

I guess it all started with winning nothing in the Powerball lottery. But, at least I matched two numbers. For the previous two weeks I've matched the Powerball. That's worth three bucks. This time, though, I'm at two numbers. That doesn't pay but it's still two numbers.

The Chiropractor was good to me today. Although I was feeling pretty well on my way out there I was a little sore. And after driving down Poplar, where at Cherry Road I encountered a fat redneck in a Nissan 4WD pickup with nearly flat tires gabbing on his cell phone weaving in and out of my lane who almost hit me and subsequently was screamed at "get in your GD lane," my stress level increased. The adjustment accomplished exactly what it should have. I feel relaxed, adjusted and great.

My long-ago cohort in torturing Rob sent me an e-mail today. I miss JaxxStarcakes. She's an awesome person, brilliant copywriter and great friend. It's nice hearing from her.

19 March 2007


The St. Patrick's Invitational Tournament took place this weekend. The guys did a good job pulling the event off, considering that the director did nothing all year, finally resigning and leaving town three weeks before the event.

While he didn't do anything, the director of the tournament has a thankless job. I know -- I was director twice during the early years of the event. The director recruits volunteers to be responsible for specific tasks such as hospitality chair (finding a host hotel and negotiating a good group rate), fundraising chair (seeking sponsors and generating other sources of revenue), banquet chair (negotiates per person rate for the meal, venue, etc.). Each chair is responsible for a significant portion of the total event. If the volunteers do their jobs, the tournament should go off without the normal last minute Murphy's Law things.

So, kudos to the couple of people who pulled off what usually takes seven or eight all year to do.

The reason I titled this post "turdament" has nothing to do with the event itself. It has to do with my dismal performance on the lanes. Bartlett Lanes apparently decided to fully oil the lanes with Vaseline, Crisco, or Wet. My Hammer Black Widow that usually arcs flawlessly into the pocket was basically a skidding rock all weekend. I might have done just as well with a rock. In fact, most people I talked to who bowl with any curve/arc/fingertip had a helluva time getting anywhere near their averages. One guy who regularly bowls on our league with an average in the mid-180s bowled 114 for his first game in singles. While my scores weren't nearly that far below my average I was frustrated at bowling 10 to 15 pins below my 182 average for six of the nine games over the weekend. You have to at the very least bowl your average if you even want a shot at placing in any of the awards categories.

High game: 205. Poopie. Guess I'm saving up my good bowling for Sunday night's league. We're still in first place with a comfortable 5 game cushion between us and the second place team.

I guess I should be thankful I didn't go home with one of the hand-decorated with kelly green glitter high-heels mounted on a painted black chunk of 2" X 4" that serve as last place trophies. I already have one in the attic from our fourth annual tournament -- my first year as director.

13 March 2007

I LOVE Net Radio

I haven't abandoned posting. I'm just extremely busy right now. I promise I'll get back to it, hopefully tonight.

Anyway, please visit Write your Congressman and sign the petition.

07 March 2007


I feel like I've neglected my posting for a few days. We've been very busy. Our friend Charles came into town last weekend and he asked that someone among the group host "Dinner Club".

Of course, we've been neglecting major housecleaning for a while so Cameron spent an entire day dusting, vacuuming, cleaning glass, scrubbing upholstery, looking for cobwebs in the living and dining rooms. And, if you're familiar at all with living in an old house, you know that his work was cut out for him. He did this during his last day home for the week. I tried to clean the remaining rooms while he was gone -- after coming home from work -- but I didn't make much progress. Outside of the old house that is always dusty as hell, I am a collector of too many things. This means that while the house isn't cluttered to the point of psychosis there are still plenty of things to dust. And, after coming home from work at 6:30 or 7 every evening I still had daily chores to do like taking care of the dogs and making something to eat. By the time I got any momentum going it was bedtime. So he and I spent from 7:30 in the morning on Saturday until around 2:30 that afternoon finishing the house. Sort of like early spring cleaning.

After that, we began preparing for that evening's dinner. For "Dinner Club," everyone brings a dish from a country chosen by the hosts, or in this case, the guest of honor. Over the years this was a monthly thing before the group was splintered with moves out of town, families starting, jobs changing, etc. We've honored Japan, France, Poland, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Greece and many others. This time the country was China. Thankfully, everyone chose something unfussy to prepare, even though there was a little blurring of the lines with some fare other than Chinese. Regardless, the food was great and the evening was fantastic. It was nice spending time with people we adore but don't see much anymore.

Back to the original thought/feeling for this post, however. I'm not sure our spring cleaning was too early. Doing the auto ballet* this evening, I noticed that spring is here. The vinca vine is showing us its beautiful purple faces. The Jet Trail Quince has been blooming for a couple of weeks and is more eye-catching than ever. The camellia blooms that usually begin to open in January and then are subsequently frozen to ugly brown blobs by mid-February are still saying "aren't we beautiful? The promise of stately irises is inevitable. The decision to move daylight savings time up a couple of weeks makes this spring loom over me even more than it normally would.

I am so delighted that the days are growing warmer and longer. I often wonder how I endured winters not so far north in Louisville with cold weather hanging on a couple of weeks longer in the spring and hitting us a couple of weeks earlier in the fall. Must've been because I was surrounded by family. It's all I can do to stand the few weeks of cold we endure here. Now, I can't imagine living anywhere further north. I hate winter. I hate cold.

Thank God, spring is here.

* Auto Ballet:

We have a one-lane driveway and three cars. Now, you see clearly. : )

01 March 2007

I'm sure I've said "Hallelujah" before

But, I finally have the header I've always wished for. It may not be exactly what I want it to be right now, but it's mine. Not a generic whatever, but my blog header is me.

At my last job I was learning HTML and doing fairly well at it. And, I'm many years out of practice. But, thanks to Google, I found the answer I was looking for. And, now you have it.

Expect change. Probably constantly. But for now, you get me, circa 1966.

Best wishes for Friday.