27 March 2007

Going Up

Awesome day, today. As far as I can tell this is one of those uphill days associated with a mildly manic life. And, I think it's going to be the first of several up days. At least it feels like that.

I guess it all started with winning nothing in the Powerball lottery. But, at least I matched two numbers. For the previous two weeks I've matched the Powerball. That's worth three bucks. This time, though, I'm at two numbers. That doesn't pay but it's still two numbers.

The Chiropractor was good to me today. Although I was feeling pretty well on my way out there I was a little sore. And after driving down Poplar, where at Cherry Road I encountered a fat redneck in a Nissan 4WD pickup with nearly flat tires gabbing on his cell phone weaving in and out of my lane who almost hit me and subsequently was screamed at "get in your GD lane," my stress level increased. The adjustment accomplished exactly what it should have. I feel relaxed, adjusted and great.

My long-ago cohort in torturing Rob sent me an e-mail today. I miss JaxxStarcakes. She's an awesome person, brilliant copywriter and great friend. It's nice hearing from her.

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