17 April 2007

Crystal Clear

Cameron and I have been watching Dateline NBC's umpteenth recount of what has happened at Virginia Tech. While I am horrified about this tragedy I am sick of the media's approach to telling us what happened. Take a look at my earlier post which was a link from Rosie O'Donnell's blog.

I am sick to death of Stone Phillips (what the hell kind of soap opera name is "Stone" anyway?) and Chris Hansen pecking like vultures to try to get someone to blame the administration for the two hour lapse between shootings.

Stupid idoit, nobody can predict anything like this. Are you an alarmist? Are we reverting back to the 1950s? Stop, drop and roll? Duck and cover?

Apparently according to these talking heads, within our new world of heightened security, homeland security or whathaveyou, we're supposed to be able to predict the future actions of a disenfranchised, obviously disturbed, antisocial, dejected student.

Too much is unknown and I am damn tired of the media's idea of "what is news".

Clearly, the living victims of this tragic event have the right attitude. They are supporting the president of Virginia Tech. They are not pointing fingers. They are supporting each other and doing the best they can to get through this horrible part of their lives.

It's way too early to try to determine "What went wrong? How could this have been handled in a better way?" Can we point a finger at VT adminstration, the police, anyone who is a mark to make the news more sensational?

No, not really.

Try to lock down a 2,600 acre campus. Unless you have the National Guard on staff 24-7, it ain't gonna happen in an instant. So, suck a rock Stone Phillips. And Chris Hansen, go back to chasing predators. You're so good at what's sensational.

Ratings, ratings, ratings.... People's hearts and emotions be damned.

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