05 May 2007

The Idiot Threatens a Veto, Again

This morning I poured a cup of coffee, started up the MacBook Pro and began catching up on reading e-mail. One of the subject lines caught my eye: "Who Supports Hate"

This was the e-mail I received.

I clicked the link and sent a letter to three of the religious leaders that DEFCON encouraged me to send:

Your recent comments opposing expanded hate crimes protections for gay and lesbian Americans are outrageous. It is clear that your opposition to the bill is simply part of your continuing campaign to make gay and lesbian Americans second-class citizens.

What is worse is that you hide your bigotry behind the language of faith. You have claimed that protecting gays and lesbians from hate crimes is an assault on your religion. Do you honestly believe that hate speech is an integral component of your faith?

Such a notion is preposterous and simply goes to show just how out of touch you are, not only with real American values, but with mainstream Christian values as well. I call upon you to stop using your faith to excuse your bigotry, and to end your despicable campaign against this potentially life-saving legislation.

I don't understand how these so-called Christian leaders can call themselves Christians. There's nothing Christ-like in their hate-mongering.

Take a moment to tell them "shame on you".

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