30 May 2007


Instead of going out today I went home for lunch. I wanted to check on Cameron, who is very distraught about the outcome of the AFA sponsored vote for Tenative Agreement 3 with Northwest.

The vote apparently passed by a slim 100± margin after some 430+ votes were voided and the vote deadline had been extended for two hours. I suspect creative calculations and/or fraud.

Anyway, for lunch (the whole purpose of "Luncheonette") I had a sliced turkey sandwich on Orowheat multi-grain bread with swiss cheese, Hellmann's, and pickles, Creamettes-style macaroni salad and a slice of homemade cherry pie (a Pillsbury pie crust and filling made from fresh cherries). The cashier asked if I had cashed out my savings account when I bought them. For enough to fill the pie, I spent $13. It was worth it for the rare indulgence.

Guess after NWA execs take their $23 million in bonuses and AFA gets their $1.5 for bribing the uneducated, I'll indulge in $4 per pound cherries a lot less often.

Time to dumpster dive! Thanks Northwest for paying back Cameron's 17 years of exemplary service with that suggestion.

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