01 May 2007

Woo Hoo!

WOW. I have been so remiss. So much has been happening I am sure that I won't be able to remember all of what's been going on.

Right now, I can only remember the last big deal. It started with Sunday before last's bowling. How this works is the first place team from the first half bowls the first place team from the second half. Both teams start from zero. Total scores, which are normally figured into the 4 game per week equation, don't count on that night -- only the scores from the three games.

We won the first game by 256 pins, the second by fifty-something pins and the last by five. But apparently our total score earned as a whopping 2560 and the top slot in Jackpot money.

So, this Sunday at our banquet, we ended up taking trophies for first place in bowling, plus a little over $600 in Jackpot money and the individual trophies we took home for High Game Scratch (Mark), High Series Scratch (Chris) and High Series Handicap (me).

What makes this night even more stellar is that after the banquet the league usually participates in a fundraiser for the next year's St. Patrick's Invitational Tournament.

Usually it's a 3-6-9 No-Tap. But, this year, the desk staff couldn't figure out how to make the scoring work, so we ended up with an unusual 8-pin No-Tap Tournament. So, any 8- or 9-pin count would score as a strike.

This year's field was small. Sixteen people stayed for the event. For a ten dollar entry fee, the first place winner could walk with $40.

While I bowled lots of real strikes, I was not without a few no-tap strikes.

By the time we made it to the third game Cameron and I were bowling pretty well and we were having a good time. The $70 bar tab (including tip) is evidence of the good time. Anyway, we were bowling with some of the most fun people on the league, like Debra and her mother, Sylvia. As I approached the lane in the tenth frame with 9 strikes (six real ones, three no-tap ones), I polished my ball, positioned my foot, addressed the pins, found my mark and went through my delivery. Strike. A real one. My ball came back through the return. I picked it up and went through the same ritual. Strike. Another real one.

There was lots of applause and cheering. Sylvia said, "one more!" -- which would probably have been my undoing in normal circumstances. The anchor, or last bowler, on the other lane was matching me strike for strike throughout the game (although he had two more no-taps than me). So, he was standing by, waiting to see what I did. Before I threw my final ball, he threw his first, earning a seven. Our match was over at this point. But I still needed another strike to score 300.

I picked up my ball. Same ritual. Same approach. Same delivery.

I have never been so pleased with watching that Black Widow effortlessly roll down the lane, arc perfectly into the pocket, and mix those pins with no doubt that it was another strike.

I BOWLED MY FIRST 300 Y'ALL! (Even if three of the twelve strikes were no-taps.)

Carl finished second, and my sweetheart finished third.


I have a printed copy of our scores which will end up on here at some point. But, for now, you have to take my word for it. :)

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