19 June 2007


There's a new Greek restaurant on Madison that I wanted to try today, but I opted not to. I took leftovers to work for lunch (fried boneless breast of chicken, tomatoes with dill and Hellmann's and steamed Broccoli with lemon butter).

However, I allowed Eric to twist my arm (not very hard I might add) and join him for a trip to Tops Barbecue for a #5 (double cheeseburger all the way with fries and Tops famous baked beans).

So, I'll have the leftovers for dinner tonight. It's all good -- over 500 calories burned in 35 minutes on the elliptical tonight (gluteal program #6 with resistance set at 12 and the ramp starting at 10 and working its way up to 16 and back down), plus some reps on the crunch machine, bench press and triceps extension station puts me in a good place for today.

This martini is refreshing.

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