26 June 2007

Meme. Me, me. Um, Me has been tagged and I'm "it"

GBoogie tagged me this morning.

So here's my Pieces of Eight:

1. Because I am so afraid of being unhappy or disappointed with the results, it's often a time-consuming, difficult thing for me to make big decisions. For instance, I want to own my own design firm again. Yet, I am enjoying my work as it is. I think growth opportunities would be far greater on my own but am not all together sure about which direction I'd like my business to take if I were to hang out a shingle. Another example is deciding whether to move or not. We've considered not just to a new house or new neighborhood, but also moving out of town. Or, do we stay in the house we love and change the things we'd like to? This has been at least a five-year conversation. If we assume that the decision were left entirely up to me, I believe I would have already made it. But there are two of us making these decisions so it tends to be a big, long discussion with little to no action. Poopy.

2. Often, I consider going back to school to finish my degree and perhaps even pursue a Masters, but I get so busy with other things that I haven't seriously looked into it.

3. I have delivered the Courier-Journal on my bicycle in -6° F freezing rain, worked as a stock clerk/cashier at Adams IGA in Sellersburg, IN, worked as a showroom sales associate at Century Housewares in Muncie, IN (while attending classes at Ball State University), worked the third shift at Target in Jeffersonville, IN, conducted research at Riddick Flynn Associates, worked first as a waiter then as a prep cook at Jeremiah Sweeney's, clerked in the sporting goods/toys department at Shillito/Rikes and later hosted in the Shillito's Restaurant, dropped out of the School of Hair Design, jockeyed cars at Sam Swope Pontiac/Honda/BMW/Rolls-Royce (I didn't like driving Dr. Ho's Rollses -- they were like driving a pillow), waited tables in the Ballroom of the Seelbach Hotel, served as the clerk in charge of the liquor department at Walgreen's, spun records first at Trixie's then at the Downtowner (and as a guest D.J. at The Alley Cat in Cincinnati), attended design classes at Jefferson Community College (the University of Kentucky extension), operated the second-shift at a 36-pump SuperAmerica gas station/convenience mart (referred to as StupidAmerica by friends/colleagues) in Louisville, Kentucky before moving to Memphis, where I was an Art Director at Dave Williams Printing, and then Good Advertising for ten years. I quit Good Advertising in 1998 and opened Untitled Creative, accepted a position at Sossaman + Associates in 1999, and am now working at the recently merged Carpenter Sullivan Sossaman in Memphis.

4. Cameron, his parents and I were in Ephesus, Turkey on 9/11. We were on the inaugural voyage of the Golden Princess. We started our Mediterranean Cruise in Barcelona on September 1, with stops in Monte Carlo, Florence/Pisa, Naples/Capri, Venice, Athens, Ephesus and Istanbul. We stayed on the ship in port at Istanbul for 5 extra days until our chartered plane could get there from Atlanta. I was certain that we would die before the plane would get off of the ground. They had crammed as many seats as they could on the plane that normally holds 250 or so in order to bring over 400 of us home on a miserable 10-hour flight to LaGuardia.

5. California is where I've always wanted to live. If not there, Florida would be nice, too.

6. From the photos, books and research I've done, Route 66, in its heyday, was incredible. I wish I could have seen it then -- rather than in the condition it's in now.

7. I want to quit smoking. Again. For good. Really, I do. Perhaps not having coffee in the mornings and martinis in the evening could help.

8. Incomplete projects are always looming over me. Right now, a few of these are finishing the lattice on the fence, completing the restoration of a 1953 Tappan range (which will replace my 1950 model), and installing new lighting, a new toilet and repairing the cracks in the plaster ceiling of the bathroom. And, then there's the Grand Prix -- it's a constant project.

There you have it, I guess. My Pieces of Eight. Kinda lame, maybe.

For now I can't come up with eight to tag, so here are six:


Angry Czeck
Certifiable Princess
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