31 July 2007


I needed to find for RNA/DNA tablets. I tried getting some at GNC last night while at Poplar Plaza since I was already going to be there shopping at Petco.

The completely disinterested clerk said, "no, we don't have that". Apparently this location is a muscle-head store. Only MAX this and ULTRA that. So, I figured I'd try Wild Oats today at lunch.

A few years ago, Squash Blossom, our Midtown health food mecca, sold out to the Wild Oats. Wild Oats took over a previously vacant retail space in East Memphis giving us two locations in which to shop. Shortly thereafter, the Midtown location closed.

So today at 1:30. Me. A bunch of idiots on Walnut Grove driving east in their giant, gas-guzzling penis extensions/penis substitutes*. I saw all manner of "W"stickers. Joy.

At the store, I picked up some locally grown yellow and red tomatoes, organic mushrooms and a salad mix, some bananas and some organic bleu cheese dressing. I found that Heinz Ketchup actually does come in an organic version without High Fructose Corn Syrup. With some help from a clerk who was continually interrupted by someone asking about Noni, I found the RNA/DNA. I also picked up a complete amino supplement.

For lunch, I grabbed a Nikko spring roll and a mixed sushi box, Spicy Five-Star Nigiri with salmon, tuna and shrimp. The rolls are too big to eat in one bite, but they're good, as are the spring rolls.

There was a catered lunch here today. When the announcement went out about the leftover food, which included Key Lime Pie, I told Donna I wanted some. She brought me some when she came up with her sandwich.

The pie is gross. One bite and into the trash.

* Gas-guzzling penis extensions/penis replacements refers to the vehicles of those drivers who travel in their oversized station wagons as if they have something to prove. Or, maybe they're yapping on the phone and not paying attention. Regardless.

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