19 July 2007

Mosquitos: Satan on Earth

For the life of me I cannot see any redeeming value in mosquitos. Sure, they are part of a bat's diet. But, bats can't live on mosquitos alone.

They bring us malaria. They bring us West Nile. They, apparently, have brought my love, Doris, heartworms. Even though she has been been given Heartguard religiously, Dr. McCutcheon told me that there is a new strain that is resistant to the preventative. She asked if we had been in Arkansas recently because there is an area there where they simply cannot prevent heartworms. When I explained that we had driven through Arkansas to Little Rock, then north to Cape Fair, Missouri back in May, she wasn't sure that we were near the problem area.

Doris and Billie

Yesterday's test was preliminary. Dr. McCutcheon took extra blood and sent it to the lab for a more comprehensive analysis. We should have results either today or tomorrow. Merial (the maker of Heartguard), among other drug manufacturers, is working to fix this breach in protection. And, since Doris and Billie have been taking the drug forever, Merial will pay for the treatments.

But, the good news doesn't stop there! The Royal Canin food created specifically for Boxers, that we were excited to discover and have been feeding the girls half the recommended amount for at least a year, has too high a caloric content and both of them are overweight.

And, before Doris can have necessary dental surgery she has to lose at least eight pounds, and go through heartworm treatments.


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Gina Bruce said...

glad to hear my daily updates that the ladies are well and that Doris is getting along better every day.

and thanks for always listening to my rants/raves/lunacies.

I luv ya D.