22 August 2007

Surely to God He Must Be Insane

NAACP's Atlanta chapter president R.L. White says that Michael Vick should not be suspended from the NFL, that the persecution surrounding Michael Vick over his involvement in dog-fighting (and killing) is far worse than if he'd killed a human being, and that he doesn't understand the uproar surrounding the dog-fighting practices "when hunting deer and other animals is perfectly acceptable."

Mr. White, are you kidding me? Your statements are preposterous.

I don't condone hunting for sport. But the deer in question are not electrocuted, drowned or strangled. They are not forced to fight one another against their will. What Michael Vick has done is reprehensible and I believe the NFL should suspend him.

When the story first broke I saw the video of the two pit bulls licking each other in the face rather than fighting. My heart was broken. These dogs didn't want to fight. They were forced. And, if they didn't, they were inhumanely executed.

Clearly, With people like White in positions of power, making inane statements such as he has, our society is doomed. Is this the kind of mind that should be heading up one of the larger chapters of the NAACP? No, not really.

Read the full story on CNN, here.

21 August 2007

Train-Wreck Cottage Cheese

Janice Dickinson is a mess. And, while I appreciate her efforts for PeTA, I'd love it if she kept her pants on. Her bodyguard, not so much.

See the TMZ Video here.

20 August 2007

Monday 20 August

Eric and I wondered aimlessly on Union trying to decide what to eat. We settled on Pei Wei.

The orange peel shrimp with fried rice was good, but didn't have enough orange peel. The spring rolls were good. Eric's won ton soup looked good, as did his Mongolian beef.

I'm stuffed. The rice is expanding. I need to find my way to the couch in the creative conference room.

15 August 2007

Thanks, Meredith, for the $27 Million Dollar Question

As the one or two readers of this blog know, I have bitched on this page about Northwest Airlines' mangagement, more specifically CEO Doug Steenland, several times over the last few years.

On NBC's Today show, Meredith Viera interviewed him, asking about the excessive cancellations for June and July, and the future of the company.

Watch the spin doctor, here.

Anyone up for finding the truth under the moving coconuts?

14 August 2007

One Month, and Counting

It will be fifteen years that Cameron and I have spent together in exactly one month.

Our second portrait night on the Golden Princess, circa 2001.

Honestly, I have to say that, even with the typical growing pains of any relationship, these have been the best years of my life.

I love you, baby.

Tuesday 14 August

Adam, Casey, Tom, Troy, Wally and me. Pho Vietnam. Five #78. One #76. Two orders spring rolls. One Egg Roll. Two Vietnamese Iced Coffees.

And a guy that looked like the villain from Phantasm or the preacher from Poltergeist II, wearing a stretched-out casino promotional t-shirt, who made three trips to the bathroom.

Creepy guy. Great lunch.

10 August 2007

Friday 10 August

Neither John David or I had any idea what to do that was A) quick, B) cheap and C) not horrible nutritionally. He'd told me that he'd been so bewildered with what was available nearby that he ended up driving up and down Union yesterday and decided to skip lunch altogether.

Today, he offered to go pick up lunch. For me, it was Taco Hell, 4 chicken soft tacos supreme and then whatever "chickeny thing" John David wanted to surprise me with. Even though he asked for Fire and Hot sauce for me, they gave me Mild. I ate the "chickeny thing," the name of which escapes me. I ate two of the tacos. I ate the innards of the last two, leaving the tortillas.

Not entirely bad for me, and not bad at all, I guess.

02 August 2007


Amy and I took our intern, Austin, to Bogey's Delicatessen. One of two, the Midtown location is a small, white clapboard house in the middle of a parking lot on the north side of Overton Square that has been home to a handful of restaurants in the past. Bogey's has successfully operated there for many years, and has been the only establishment to flourish in the small space.

The special today was Shrimp Salad, which you could have as a sandwich, a salad or part of the Salad Sampler. The latter is served Monday through Thursday -- it's a scoop each of tuna salad, chicken salad (with a wee bit too much tarragon), pasta salad and potato salad on a bed of lettuce garnished with sliced cucumbers and a half a deviled egg. It comes with a house-made vinaigrette and those pencil-thin, crisp bread sticks. On Fridays, the Shrimp Salad Sampler replaces the deviled egg with a scoop of shrimp salad.

So, today was a bonus for me -- I usually get there too late on Fridays to get the shrimp salad.

It was awesome, delicious and now I feel as fat as a tick. Maybe I'll burn some calories at the gym tonight, hopefully.

01 August 2007


I ate downstairs in the "diner" today. The diner is three sets of booth seats, and counter with stools (facing a wall), a fridge, dishwasher and microwave. The neon clock has disappeared. the neon "hot coffee" sign I hung in there a few years ago isn't working -- the transformer burned out. There's a shuffleboard table, foosball table and TV down there. It's rudimentary as far as kitchens go, but it's a decent space. There's even a bar with deep refrigerated coolers and such, but it's used more for storage than anything else.

I gathered my ingredients from the fridge in my office and made my way downstairs. It was quiet down there. Nobody else was in the room, the normally blaring TV was off. Perfect, as I'd planned on going over the proofreader's remarks for a project during lunch, marking the ones that needed to be done and crossing through others that didn't. As I started preparing my food. though, Randall came in with his lunch, followed shortly by Anita.

Since I'm trying to get back to eating more healthfully six times a day, I had a salad of Mâche Mix (mâche, radicchio and frisee) with tuna, a locally grown tomato, sliced egg, sliced mushrooms with bleu cheese dressing for lunch. Nothing to drink. I meant to get a large glass of ice water, but forgot.

So rather than marking the proofer's marks, I enjoyed talking with them as we ate. I'm now back in my office. It's time for one of my last few Diet Seven-ups and short walk outside.