02 August 2007


Amy and I took our intern, Austin, to Bogey's Delicatessen. One of two, the Midtown location is a small, white clapboard house in the middle of a parking lot on the north side of Overton Square that has been home to a handful of restaurants in the past. Bogey's has successfully operated there for many years, and has been the only establishment to flourish in the small space.

The special today was Shrimp Salad, which you could have as a sandwich, a salad or part of the Salad Sampler. The latter is served Monday through Thursday -- it's a scoop each of tuna salad, chicken salad (with a wee bit too much tarragon), pasta salad and potato salad on a bed of lettuce garnished with sliced cucumbers and a half a deviled egg. It comes with a house-made vinaigrette and those pencil-thin, crisp bread sticks. On Fridays, the Shrimp Salad Sampler replaces the deviled egg with a scoop of shrimp salad.

So, today was a bonus for me -- I usually get there too late on Fridays to get the shrimp salad.

It was awesome, delicious and now I feel as fat as a tick. Maybe I'll burn some calories at the gym tonight, hopefully.

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