22 August 2007

Surely to God He Must Be Insane

NAACP's Atlanta chapter president R.L. White says that Michael Vick should not be suspended from the NFL, that the persecution surrounding Michael Vick over his involvement in dog-fighting (and killing) is far worse than if he'd killed a human being, and that he doesn't understand the uproar surrounding the dog-fighting practices "when hunting deer and other animals is perfectly acceptable."

Mr. White, are you kidding me? Your statements are preposterous.

I don't condone hunting for sport. But the deer in question are not electrocuted, drowned or strangled. They are not forced to fight one another against their will. What Michael Vick has done is reprehensible and I believe the NFL should suspend him.

When the story first broke I saw the video of the two pit bulls licking each other in the face rather than fighting. My heart was broken. These dogs didn't want to fight. They were forced. And, if they didn't, they were inhumanely executed.

Clearly, With people like White in positions of power, making inane statements such as he has, our society is doomed. Is this the kind of mind that should be heading up one of the larger chapters of the NAACP? No, not really.

Read the full story on CNN, here.

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