26 September 2007

Tuesday 25 September

Eric and I went to Tops Bar-B-Q for lunch, opting to have hamburgers with double fries rather than barbecue sandwiches with beans and slaw. I had a # 3, all the way with double fries. Eric had a #4 with mustard, all the way with double fries. A #3 is a hamburger, and #4 is a cheeseburger.

While we were there we had the pleasure of sharing the dining room with Beverly. (I read her name on her employer's name badge.) Eric named her Beverly Kaiser because of the mis-matched fake bun on the back of her head. He said it looked like an unseeded Kaiser roll.

I wonder to myself, do these people even have mirrors?

As a courtesy, I am applying the "Glamour Don't" box in this photo, in which you can get a glimpse of the bun a bit more clearly:

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Gina Bruce said...

oh my god... LOVES IT!