05 October 2007

I Hope this House Sells Soon

Sitting here last night listening to King Willie say he "knows who is for him and who is against him" sickened me. What he doesn't know, is that I, Whitey, voted for him in all four previous elections.

I began to lose faith in him after he started acting as if he didn't have to respect his office or his constituents. He mentioned two occasions during his last term where the "90% white audience 'booed" him". One was when he awarded the key to the city to DeAngelo Williams, an extremely gifted University of Memphis quarterback. This was during a Memphis Grizzlies game. The other was when he was on the Today show with Justin Timberlake shortly thereafter.

As I recall, both of these events took place within mere days of Herenton doing something that fell nothing short of giving Whitey the finger. I remember being appalled at the conduct of those "booing" him, but I also remember thinking that he deserved it.

It's sad. I never thought I'd be one of the "white-flight" folks. But, I suppose, now, I pray, I will be. Soon.

Herenton is not my leader. He's made it clear to me that I can be damned because I am white.

I am sick to death of picking up hot fries bags, dirty diapers, hair weaves, parts that fall off of junk cars that land in the park across the street or blow into my yard. I'm sick of listening to $4 boom boxes "roll" up and down Jackson Avenue with $4,000 rims and tires with expired tags, and doubtless, no insurance. I'm sick of the attitude. Many of the people I see in my immediate vicinity have no pride in themselves, their jobs, their homes.

Why, then, would they could give a shit about this city. Herenton is leading the way with his rhetoric. As far as I'm concered, he can have it.

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