10 October 2007

I'm ready to vomit, and I don't even need my finger

I got home from work tonight ready to spend a relaxing evening at home with Cameron before he leaves on a two-day trip tomorrow. He had been at a union meeting today where he was coerced into voting the way the local president wanted him to by omission of critical information. When he returned home, he learned from another local president at another base that he should've voted the opposite way.

Apparently there are lots of secret little things going on both within AFA (Association of Flight Attendants) and Northwest Airlines.

Pinnacle Airlines, one of Northwest's regional suppliers, now has gate agents wearing Delta uniforms. Pinnacle is merging/being acquired by Delta.

It seems that there is a "big announcement" coming sometime in November. Perhaps all of the rumors surrounding an NWA and Delta merger may be coming to fruition. There are many scenarios that could end up screwing Cameron over, yet again.

This video was on the SFO local's website. It's sickening, and it's happening every day in many major corporations in America.

Please pass the Pepto. And, if I were a mercenary or some other assassin, I'd say, pass me a gun.

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