04 October 2007

Let's Hear Your Voice

The Mayoral election here is a hot topic of discussion that will finally be decided today.

I find it incredible that W.W. Herenton still has the support that he does after his comments and conduct during his latest term -- his fourth. He's made racially divisive comments. He's demonstrated his xenophobic side. He's been suspected of foul play. He's made a mess of Memphis Light, Gas and Water. He's stopped funding of critical city services that affect our health and well-being as a city, such as vector control. He called to end Early Voting due to suspicions surrounding so-called faulty voting machines. I see this as a political ploy. And, if he loses, I suspect he'll cause a big stink about those very machines, race, or any other flimsy straw at which he can grab.

I voted on September 14, the first day of early voting. Today, I am praying that everyone who is eligible to vote does. And, may we, the people make the best choice for this city.

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el_daviddo said...

i voted, although i still do not like my options.

say no evil, sprew no evil, and evil must be whitey.