28 October 2007

Sunday, 28 October

I started this post several days ago. It was originally titled, "I'll be Watching Closely" with the following line of text:

This is where I am, presently, on the next presidential election.

I don't feel like elaborating on that right now. So, I'm not.

Last night was Hollyweird. I donated my time to create the invitation, posters, and advertising for the event. I was happy to give my time to Friends for Life. This party is the wrap-up for satellite parties that were hosted for over two months. (The organization hosts a "prequel" party to recruit hosts for fundraising parties in their homes, and around Halloween the people who attended any of these satellite parties are invited to attend the final event.)

I didn't think I was going to the wrap-up party because Cameron and I had been invited to four other parties but missed them. We were either out of town or needed to go to bed unusually early (so he could get up at 4 or 5 a.m. to leave on one of the myriad Sundays he's been having to work these last few months.

Since I didn't attend any satellite party (thereby not getting a wristband for admission to Hollyweird) I'd pay $35 at the door. I planned on not going. Truthfully, it wasn't the money. I'm simply not that big on crowds, especially ones where I barely know anyone and am in costume.

Plus, Cameron had to be up at 5 A.M., so if I went I'd be going stag. FFL sent me two wristbands for entry on Monday. At that point, I felt that I had to go. Besides, the board wanted to meet "the guy who created the art."

Mind you, since I hadn't planned to go, my costume wasn't going to be that elaborate.

I figured I could be a sunburned tourist from sometime between 1940 to 1950. Red skin, white eyes, blue plaid shirt buttoned all the way up, khaki-colored Burmudas, tan belt and matching buckle loafers with black socks, tan alligator banded tank watch, vintage Argus seventy-five camera around my neck, and some props. I'd done some Google searches and saved images of Photoplay and Movies magazines, star photos, matchbooks, a menu from the Brown Derby and maps. From those images, I created fan mags, an 8" X 10" glossy of Carmen Miranda (complete with and inscription in Portuguese), and some matchbooks from Fred Hayman at Union Station. Add to that a vintage map of California from Union 76, and I was ready to roll.

Funny, I never seem to think about photographing myself in costume until it's all over. So, at least, here are the props:

And because these two hams kept trying to stick their faces in the photo above, I figured I'd oblige:

If we dress up at work, I'll do an encore. Maybe then there will be photos. Until then, I'm vacuuming. Happy Sunday!


Gina Bruce said...

you suck b/c you didn't take any pictures. but I still love you anyway. sorry I've not commented in so long, but we still talk almost everyday, so no big whoop!


ZenDenizen said...

G Boogie, I'm hurt, you've never commented on my blog *sniff*

D - Great idea, homemade costumes are the best!