13 October 2007

We Should All Give a Damn

I realize that for the most part this blog is nothing more than a diary, and I don't really see it becoming anything else in the immediate future. I've intentionally kept it void of commentary from what's happening in many private aspects of my life. Some things are meant to be dealt with privately. If the happenings are worth blogging about afterwards, I do. Again, it's not much but a diary.

But, with that said, I am somewhat aware of and very interested in what's happening in our country and in this world.

I, like most people, have my opinions. Right now I think this country has already crossed the line at disaster, with the Ringmaster Bush and his clowns in Washington making a mockery of America and how we're viewed across the globe, U.S. CEOs running corporations like bandits (sending our jobs offshore and extorting billions from the U.S. rank and file to pad their own pockets), and news media parroting Rupert Murdoch's words of the day while calling what Paris Hilton is doing "news," I think it's necessary for me to look for other commentary and opinion if I want to know what's really going on.

While my thoughts and opinions may sometimes change based upon how much I decide research certain topics, I find many outlets for my information and have decided to post my favorites in a new list to the right called "What's Really Happening?".

You'll notice that "Huffington Post" is the first of hopefully many resources I plan to list here. You'll also notice that the "False prophets, Liars and Cheats" list has moved up in list position. During the next two years' Presidential Campaigns up until the election, I expect both lists to grow. And if there is anything significant about any new additions to either list, you can pretty much expect that I'll be on my soapbox with a post.

So, here's to the big debate. Have a great Saturday.

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