22 November 2007

Three Loads Down, One to Go

Well, once again we've given the KitchenAid a workout for Thanksgiving. The third load of dishes is now washed and waiting to be put away. Another load in the morning should take care of the dishes used for Thanksgiving 2007.

Cameron has an early departure and is in bed. I want to keep the noise down, so I decided to post more photos from today's preparations.

The curried, deviled eggs.

Real banana pudding made with homemade vanilla pudding from scratch. (Boxed banana pudding tastes like a Laffy Taffy and just will not do).

Cameron's Caviar Pie

Clockwise from lower left: Mashed Potatoes, Giblet Gravy, Yeast Rolls, Cornbread Dressing, Steamed Lemon Asparagus, Caviar Pie, Cranberry Sauce (yes, from a can -- forgot fresh cranberries* for the chutney I usually make), John's ham, Turkey, Oyster Dressing and Deviled Eggs. Not pictured, Mincemeat Pie, Pumpkin Pie and Banana Pudding.

Although I did eat a bit too much, I didn't overeat like I have in the past. Before he went to bed, I asked Cameron, "do you have indigestion?" He said he did, but declined a Gaviscon. His sleeping pill should put him out of that misery in due time. I think I may have one myself.

I am thankful to have spent another Thanksgiving with people I love. I wish I could spend the holiday with all my loved ones, and I pray that they had as nice a holiday as I have. May we all be blessed with the realization of how blessed we are, and may we be grateful for this everyday.

And again, Happy Thanksgiving!

*Mentioning that I forgot cranberries reminds me of one of my favorite Christmas songs, "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses. I guess, the holiday season is officially here. And in case you didn't know it, just watch the myriad commercials for the retailers who are torturing their employees with 4, 5 and 6 A.M. openings tomorrow. And, God Bless the poor folks who worked for K-mart and any other retailer who felt it necessary to be open today.

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ZenDenizen said...

Very impressive spread you guys put on!

And yes, what's up with the 2 a.m. retail openings?