17 December 2007

I Need More Coffee

The alarm sounded at 5:30 A.M. Ugh. Too early. Doris and Billie stayed in their bed. Cameron was half asleep and in bed. I jumped in the shower, knowing that if I didn't I would dawdle. And there was no time for that. I had an 8:30 flight to catch.

Its 9:15 A.M. and I am en route to Los Angeles.

Since Cameron was flying out today as well, departing in about 12 minutes, Cleo arrived at the house around 6:45 to go over the extraordinary things she may have to do to care for Doris. When she's not traveling with us, Cleo house and dog sits for us, but with Doris' trials of late, she needs extra care.

There are the two types of eye drops, the laser eye treatments and an antibiotic twice a day. There are vitamins, glucosamine and chondroitin and Hyaflex twice a day. And, since Edith has been on a diet, there were instructions on that, too. Plus, the refresher course on the alarm system and the remotes for the entertainment system.

And, I really appreciate her coming at that early hour, because she may not have to stay after all. Cameron is working reserves this month, and was called out for a one-day trip. He should be home around 5:30 this evening. But, if Northwest pulls some of the shenanigans they've been, he may get tagged to continue flying after he lands back at MEM. So, Cleo is sort of on-call, too.

With the myriad things happening at home, and trying to prepare for Christmas I just wasn't ready for this trip. But it's going to be a good one. I'm actually flying out west to finish editing some television commercials we've been working on. And, so far the spots are turning out great. I'll try to ignore the reports I'm getting on the hotel. Phrases like, tiny, stinky, erratic WiFi come to mind. Apparently there are great shopping opportunities within walking distance and the beach at Santa Monica is a block away.

I'll arrive at LAX around 10:30 A.M. PDT. Go to Hertz, find my name on the Gold Canopy, hop into my Ford Focus and head up the 405. If I keep up with posting this week, which I suspect I will to some degree, I'll be "dminlax."

In the meantime, I just finished reading an article in Northwest’s in-flight magazine ”NWA World Traveler” where author Tom Sietsema’s article "Seattle Gems" recounts his latest visit to Seattle and some of the great dining opportunities afforded him. The last of the three restaurants featured is headed by Kevin Davis, called Steelhead Diner. There is a quote in the article, "to miss 'a slice of Caviar pie' is to bypass a house signature. Glistening with five shades of fish roe, the rich wedge of sour cream, cream cheese, egg and onion is a cocktail party in every bite."

The part about glistening with five shades of fish roe caught my attention. The recipe below is one my friend Thom's ex shared with me at least as many years ago as Cameron and I have been together. Originally written on a slip of paper, I believed it was something his family created and shared over the years. Later, I found the recipe on a box of Romanoff Black Lumpfish caviar. I now make it every year. It's a tradition that could use some updating, though, I think.

Each year I try something new when decorating the pie with the caviar. The one Cameron and I took to John and David's this past Saturday looked like doo doo to me.

I wasn't happy with the results of the caviar arrangement, especially when you consider the one I took to Cleo's a few years back that looked like a big red ornament with the letters J-O-Y spelled out in chopped scallions.

If I can locate the print (since this was before I bought my digital camera) I'll post it when I get back to MEM.

I'm going to explore other kinds of caviar with this. I can see all manner of possibilities.

This is the image from the box.

Caviar Pie

Recipe By: Romanoff
Serving Size: 0


2 jars Romanoff Caviar, rinsed, drained
6 eggs, hard-cooked, chopped
1/3 cup onion, chopped
3 Tablespoons Hellmann's mayonnaise
8 ounces Philadelphia Cream Cheese, softened
2/3 cup sour cream


Spread onion on paper towel and drain about 30 minutes. Lightly butter bottom and sides of an 8-ince springform pan. (I use Pam nonstick cooking spray). Chop eggs, mix with mayonnaise. Spread in bottom of pan. Sprinkle with drained onion. Beat cream cheese and sour cream together until smooth or use food processor. Drop by tablespoonfuls onto onion layer, gently spread and smooth with back of spoon. Cover and chill for 3 hours or overnight. Just before serving, gently rinse each jar of caviar separately with cold water, drain in strainer, then on paper towel. Spoon ontocheese layer in decorative pattern. Accentuate with minced scallions if desired. Makes 10 servings.

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ZenDenizen said...

I've always wanted to try one of those hotels near the beach in Santa Monica. Please share your review when you get a moment...