29 December 2007

It's Good to Be Home

It's 7:26 A.M. I just treated Cameron to "princess valet". That's how he and his fellow flight attendants refer to having their spouses drop them off at the airport. He's flying a 2-day DTW, LAX, MEM turn. I know he's tired. He's fighting the early signs of bronchitis. Poor baby.

When I last posted, it was Christmas Eve morning and I was at my long-time friend Thom's house. I left fairly early that morning for St. Matthews, a suburb of Louisville, to finish Christmas shopping I was unable to do while in SoCal.

Christmas Day was a lovely experience. I wrapped gifts early in the morning. Thom and Reese had planned a Christmas Day brunch. It was a small affair with the usual suspects and it was quite nice. The weather was fantastic that day for Southern Indiana in December. The sun was out, the temps were in the low 50s. We were able to mill about both inside and out. The food was delightful. And it was nice seeing old friends and meeting one new, Jerry. At one point I called my mother to finalize plans for the day.

Apparently all of my family had been under the same spell of "too much to do." When I spoke to my mother before going to her house, she told me that my brother, Christopher, and I would be decorating her tree. Up to this point, there were only two things on the tree: one string of lights and the antique metal and glass star that she'd received as a little girl. Christopher was already there when I arrived. I was greeted at the door by him, his Boxers, Maggie and Scout, and my mother's Boxer, Lily. My girls stayed with Thom since Doris has been under the weather, so to speak.

We spent the afternoon catching up, decorating the tree, looking at the commercials I'd wrapped up on December 21. My bonus Dad, Dave, videotaped us sharing gifts, at times putting the camera on a tripod so he could unwrap gifts, too. My little sister, Tina, my niece, Kayla, and nephew, Andrew, arrived a bit later. I wouldn't see my other nephew, Matthew, this year. He was working at the I.C.U. unit at Floyd County Hospital and would later be leaving for a flight to Portland, Seattle and finally Redmond, CO. Lisa, my other sister, was unable to be there this year due to her lack of vacation at her new job and recent house purchase. Her closing was yesterday.

Around 9:45 P.M., I got a call from Cameron, who'd just arrived at SDF (Louisville International Airport) after landing in Memphis from Amsterdam. His flight was early. So, that means I was late. Luckily, it took me less than 15 minutes to get from Sellersburg to the terminal in Louisville to pick him up. (Thank you little traffic and trusty radar detector.) So, we got to spend some of Christmas together after all. That night back at Thom's house, we visited with friends, staying up too late, and generally doing what we do.

Tuesday morning, I gathered Doris and drove to Tina's house. She and I took Doris to Shively Animal Hospital. Because all of my family have seen "Dr. Joe" over the years there was enough love and trust among them to convince me to get a second opinion on her condition from him. It seems, though, that many people in Kentuckiana feel the same way. Tina and my mother both warned me, "there would be a long wait." We arrived at the hospital around 11:00 A.M. Sometime between 2 and 2:30 we were called in. Dr. Joe was great. He spent a little over an hour with us. He'd gone over records faxed in from our vet. He thinks Dr. McCutcheon and Dr. Cochran are dead-on with their diagnoses -- with one exception -- which I'm not sure would make a hill of beans in her treatment thus far. But, among all of Doris' other troubles, he says she has a cervical disk problem in her neck. She's now on Valium, Robaxin and "strictly limited activity" for ten days. That evening, Cameron and I decided to stay in at Thom's and monitor Doris. We ordered carry-out from Kingfish. I made calls throughout the evening planning for the next day's visits to those I hadn't seen so far.

Cameron and I met my Dad at his house at 9:30, Wednesday morning. The gal he's been dating for a bit more than two years, Michelle, was there. It was good to see them both. We shared some coffee and caught up. I brought my dad a jar full of state quarters that I had collected for him thinking we were going to exchange ones we hadn't been able to find. He is always getting quarters from the Philadelphia mint and has a hard time finding ones minted in Denver. For me, the reverse is true. But, he'd been to the bank the previous week to purchase brand new ones to complete his collection through the 2007 issues. We drove to Caesar's casino in Harrison County for brunch. I ate all I could at the buffet.

From there, we went back to Daddy's house to say our goodbyes, then to Thom's to check on Doris and give her her midday dose of Robaxin. After, we met my sister and neice at my mother and Dave's. We had a nice visit there for a few hours. Then, we headed into Louisville to meet Danna and another grade school friend, Annette, for a drink and some appetizers at Chili's.

The next morning we got up at 6:30 A.M. and within 2.5 hours were on the road home. Considering that it was a rainy, nerve-wrecking drive I was surprised that we made it home in under six hours.

It's good to be home, whether it's dusty or not.

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