19 January 2008

It's much more than waiting for the Heinz to drop from the bottle

I'm reminded of the ketchup commercials from the 70s where Carly Simon's famed "Anticipation" was the soundtrack for Heinz spots when I think of tomorrow's expectations. Side note: notice the spelling of "ketchup". I'm definitely a Heinz boy, but it has to be organic. No high fructose corn syrup.

You see, Billie has been so very lonely and not herself since we lost Doris. I anticipate tomorrow so much because Billie will have loads of Boxer cousins with which to play.

My younger brother, Christopher, has been very successful in placing orphaned Boxers amongst our family as well as his friends. My two sisters, Lisa and Tina, have Boxers that he helped them find. A failed attempt with a prospect for Lisa's second dog resulted in my mother's new family member -- a white Boxer -- Lily.

Lily is an awesome, sweet girl after my mother's dedication and love for a year -- it's undone the horrible treatment by the boyfriend of a psycho chick that Christopher once knew.

This is great considering that when Lily and Lucy were introduced, the former attacked the latter and the new union was called off. There were some extenuating circumstances involved (Lucy's leg surgery and 3-month recuperation). Considering the initial unfriendly meeting and Lucy's rehabilitation, Christopher decided it was best if Lily didn't go home with Lisa. It's all worked out for the best, and now we all have Boxers. Six in total, which was seven before Doris' untimely demise.

Now, Christopher has a second puppy for my sister Lisa. They're meeting here tomorrow so that he can deliver "Georgia" to her new mom and sister. As a bonus, however, my youngest sister Tina is driving them down here. Her Boxer, Daisy, and most likely, my niece Kayla will be in tow.

For so many reasons I am looking forward to this very quick one night visit. Christopher has never been here. Tina hasn't been here since her boys left Visible School (a Christian music academy) three years ago. Lisa hasn't been here in at least three years. It will be the first time all of us will be together in Cameron's and my home. Plus, Lisa is bringing her closest friend, Gina, for a what they refer to as "a spa weekend."

Apparently we treat our guests well. I've never really given it much thought. It's not anything I wouldn't do for whomever comes to visit, but it's special when everyone visiting thinks coming here is an awesome time.

I can't wait. As a bonus we're taking them to gay bowling tomorrow night. And, to my original thought, Billie will have a very exciting, exhausting, wonderful day.

God lover her. Yippee!

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