05 January 2008

One Last Time

It's a grey rainy day and the weather seems befitting, for I've just returned from Dixie Memorial Gardens to see Doris one last time before her cremation at 9:00 A.M. I was reluctant to do so, but I feel so much more at peace right now knowing that she's not hurting anymore. There are no more eye drops or laser treatments. No more NSAIDs. No more shots. No more valium. She's finally at rest.

The house is so, so quiet. Billie seems to be having an increasingly difficult time without Doris. I wish for her to be OK but her best friend is nowhere to be found and it's obvious to me that she doesn't understand. She is spending a lot of time in Doris' bed, eyes wide open, waiting.

Big Daddy will be home today. God love him. Cameron has been out of town during the last four days. I can't wait to see him, hug him and tell him we love him. Those of us left behind will finally be together to comfort one another and remember Doris and the joy she brought to us in her short time on Earth.

We haven't had Christmas with them yet, so we're having David and John over tonight. As I stand at the grill, I'll imagine Doris licking another one in heaven.

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Hell Yeah said...

I was there with David, I had my David come with me for support. Miss Doris Day was having a good nap only knowing that she will no longer be with us. David my David have rescued a pugg/begeal mix named him Oscar. I feel that Doris sent him to us. It happend sunday at bowling this dog was running around the parking lot looking for me, cuz he came to me in a heart beat. We took him home last night and we have a Dalmatian and a Basett Hound. Now a pugg/begal..Bridgett and Jackson started on him you know the once over, Oscar had noting to do with it, he stuck up for him self and the whole time, I was thinking of Doris, I was gonna name him that but he has a penis so that was out. I want to say thank you to David and Cameron for having us over for dinner, I was gonna lick the grill but it was quite hot, how Doris did it I will never Know