31 January 2008

Yesterday I said something about craving Vietnamese and thought I might go for some today.

I did it. I called Pho Saigon with a to-go order. There, Pearl and I talked about the weather while she rang up my order. In her very thick and sometimes hard to understand Vietnamese accent she mentioned that today's rain — projected to turn to sleet and/or ice — is awful, but that she'd rather be here than Boston. I agreed. Backing away from my parking space, I heard a hideous noise. Fearful that I'd nearly ripped the front bumper off of my car, I put the shifter back into park, stepped out into the sleety-rain to see what the hell was going on. This particular parking space has a concrete stop with a 2-inch piece of rebar protuding from the top. Luckily, I couldn't see any immediate damage. I got back into the car and slowly made my way back to the office.

Pho Saigon's combination vermicelli features an charcoal broiled pork, shrimp, and an egg roll on lettuce, julienne cucumbers, carrots, and daikon radish, with chopped peanuts on vermicelli. I pour over the fish sauce and add Tuong ot toi Viet Nam chili garlic sauce. It's divine. Along with that I got an order of spring rolls and plum sauce. I love spring rolls, the non-fried, fresh ones in this case. During the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival at Court Square some fifteen or so years ago I ate my first one from a restaurant called Indochina. It was a fantastic, mint, shrimp and rice noodle filled bit of heaven, a bit larger in size than a roll of Life Savers. But the ones from Pho Saigon seem to grow larger with each visit. They're just too big at today's size of — I'm guessing — 2.5 inches in diameter and more than 4 inches long.

Watching the Travel Channel while I ate, I knew better than to eat all of the vermicelli. I knew better than to begin eating the second spring roll. But, it's all so good. Halfway through the second spring roll I had to quit. I know that the bloated feeling I have right now will subside by the time I leave for the gym. I'll work it off if we don't get the severe winter weather we're forecast this afternoon. T-minus one minute and counting....

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