03 January 2008

You'll Always be With Me, Daddy's Girl

Happier Days: Doris and Billie, Summer 2004

Doris Day Maddox Sasser · June 16, 1999 – January 3, 2008.

I am so grateful to have had her for eight years, yet, so sad to have to let her go.

The only way I can think to get through today is to write about how wonderful Doris was and the joy she brought to our lives. I'll remember how she jumped so excitedly in the air the first time she saw snow falling, trying to catch the snowflakes as they fell. I'll treasure the memory of how much she loved to play with her first toy, a Little Caesar's pizza man. Or, how she'd run throught the house and yard with her Beanie Babies spiders in her mouth with only the spider's legs showing. She'd bring me any of all the toys she knew by name to play fetch -- toy in the mouth, chin rested in my lap waiting for me to take the bait. Dumbell. Donut. Spaceship. Kong. She got a "Water Weenie" for her second birthday and proceded rip it to shreds in no time, but she had a ball. She'd play relentlessly with her frisbee, bringing it to anyone who would take it with the promise of throwing it for her.

She loved Cleo, Kim and Lara, not because she simply loved them, but also because they wore body lotion. Covertly, she would wait for any opportunity to lick the moisturizer off of their legs. Little Mary Elise, about 4 at the time, was adorable running around the backyard saying, "no kissies, Doris," because Doris would follow her and love her to the point of saturation if allowed.

I'll always remember so many things about her. How crazed she looked in the face whenever I asked her, "do you want a cookie?" Or, an icecube.

I suppose the first time I announce, "Big Daddy's home" will be another happy memory/sad occasion. She used to run the front door, nubby wagging and bark until she saw Cameron approaching the door. And, when I'd say, "It's Auntie Creo!" she'd be just as jubilant. Same held true for everyone who came to visit. She loved everybody and everybody loved her.

I'll miss the kiss on the face I used to get every morning to wake me up. Translation: 1) Good morning, I love you. 2) Let me outside. 3) Feed me. 4) Give me a cookie and my vitamins. 5) I'm going back to bed.

Preliminary diagnosis of the pain and mobility problems Doris was having in the last two weeks was a cervical disk problem. But, we learned today through a myelogram and CT scan that Doris had a large tumor at the base of her skull. It was pretty much inoperable. Radiation might have helped but it's wasn't likely. I have to be thankful that she'd no longer be less than herself, free of pain and in a much better place.

Going to meet Big Daddy at the Airport, 1999.

Doris and Big Daddy at the Airport, 1999.

"Let's go for a ride, Daddy," July 2000

With Beanie Pig and Chicken, Christmas 2000

Opening Wiggly Giggly bone, Christmas 2000

So happy playing Frisbee, June 2001

Big Daddy & Doris, June 2001

"Stop teasing me with that Camera," Doris' Birthday, June 2001

Doris' Birthday, June 2001

So excited, playing with cousin Maggie at Uncle Christopher's, July 2001

"You're not paying attention to me, so I'll make sure you do," November 2001

Christmas 2001

Doris loves the new baby, Spring 2002

I see you. May 2003

Doris Chasing Billie at Uncle Thom's, Spring 2005

"I want a cookie, NOW!", July 2005

Cleo, Shelby, Cameron, Doris and Billie, Christmas 2005

"I ate a bee. Now my face is swollen," Fall 2005.

Crazy Eyes with Big Daddy and Billie at Grandpa's, Christmas 2006

I'll miss you, sweet girl.


ZenDenizen said...

So sorry :( The baby picture of her was adorable.

Hell Yeah said...

I have been blessed of knowing Doris for 5 or 6 years. I was with David and Doris today when she pass'd it was the hardest thing I have dealt with so far. The lord knows I love David, Cameron, Billie and Doris (ok well Edith to.) I have gotten cocktailed before and played with Doris -- have you ever heard a boxer growl at ya? -- its pretty nerve wracking. I am pretty sad right now this might take a few hours to get out what i want to say, i am already in tears. I miss doris being a frisbee whore, i miss doris wanting to have a treat or icecube, i will miss Doris lurking for food that we never dropped, David i am so sorry for your loss, but i lost my neice, this is too upsetting for me right now we need to toast Doris for her being so damn fucking cool. i got her tongue finally...John Connors

AlanHerb said...

David & Cameron,
John & I are sorry for your loss of Doris. We remember when y'all brought her home and could fit in the palm of your hand. The joy she brought to your lives was immeasurable and her passing is a sad occasion.
Please accept our condolences.
Alan & John