28 March 2008

Happy is A Bumpy Road

I am borrowing the title of this post from a Supremes album, "Touch," that my youngest sister received as a gift many years ago. I can't remember if it was for Christmas or her birthday, but I guess that is inconsequential.

Many of my 2008 posts have been dreary. It's not because I have wanted to be dreary, but we've been hit pretty hard with some lows since the New Year.

Since last Sunday, though, I have been meaning to post about what a great Easter weekend Cameron and I had together. I was off work for Good Friday so the holiday was off to a good start.

The weather was nice all weekend. We started out Friday with a little housework -- nothing major or nerve-wrecking. A little laundry. A little vacuuming and dusting. We visited with Charles that evening (who was in town from Ft. Lauderdale) over cocktails at Dan and Lori's with David and Summer before dinner later at Molly's. Even though I was plauged with one of my hiccup fits it was a nice night.

Saturday we had lunch at a new place, Cafe Eclectic. Food was good, and service (although very personable) not so much. That night Cameron helped me make a batch of Dolmathes -- this always takes hours -- which were the basis for our more or less Greek Easter dinner. Well, that and the Leg of Lamb.

Sunday was an awesome day. Usually when we're having guests for dinner I work all day in the kitchen and still end up not ready when they arrive. Not this time. It was a relaxing, fantastic day. I baked a toasted coconut cake with seven minute frosting from scratch (photo to come), made deviled eggs with crab and horseradish, prepared a Lebanese lima bean salad with homemade lemon-garlic dressing, roasted the leg of lamb and a separate dish of rosemary roasted potatoes and tossed a simple greek salad with feta, tomatoes, onions and balsamic vinaigrette. I prepped the bar while Cameron took some dolmathes and lima bean salad over to Dan and Lori. She is part greek and loves the dolmathes -- not that the two are really related. But I use a recipe she shared with me many years ago when I make them and I always want to share with her.

When David and John arrived for dinner I was making the malt vinegar, sugar, mint concoction that I found for traditional mint sauce. Dinner was lovely. It was a nice weekend all the way around.

The bump happened yesterday.

Heading home from the gym, I was driving west on Jackson Avenue. As I approached the left turn lane onto our street the driver of a blue 1996 GMC Jimmy suddenly flipped on his left signal (from the right lane) and jumped behind me in the turn lane. Because this was very suspicious and reminiscent of what I imagine might happen during the recent rash of "driveway robberies" I passed my driveway, waved at neighbors as I made my way around the circle and exited on to Jackson, driving east. I looked into the circle and noticed the blue GMC turning around in a neighbor's driveway. As I approached the next intersection I turned right on to University Street, then immediately right onto Hallwood. I made a U-turn around a traffic median on to Oakmont, back onto Hallwood and approached University Street again. As I was turning left the blue GMC was turning right onto the street I was leaving. They quickly turned around and followed me back out onto Jackson heading west again. This time I punched it past my street through four intersections down to Hein Park. In my rear view I saw the GMC turn around a block past my street.

Whether or not these men were up to no good is still a mystery to me -- but, it seems obvious that they were. After discussing the situation with my neighbors I called the police. They came out and listened to what I had to say. The officer wasn't sure if it was reportable, but he said that it did sound very suspicious and he'd try to file a report.

I'm grateful that I pay attention to my surroundings when I'm driving. I, too, am grateful that someone is watching over me.

And, I'm grateful that Cameron is back in the states. I can call him now.

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