18 March 2008


To say I've been remiss about posting would be an understatement. Add that I'm posting during commercials while watching "The Biggest Loser" is almost a travesty if not a full-fledged one. But I realized while a K-mart commercial aired touting "themed" Easter baskets* that I have a bit of pent up griping to do and some praises to sing. Apologetically, the gripes are what inspired me to post. Perhaps, Eric is right. He says I'm a bitch. Sometimes a "complete" or "total" bitch.

I argue that I have expectations of society that most cannot live up to and that I will not be a victim of the heathens. So, if that makes me a bitch, so be it. I'm OK with that.

There are rights and wrongs. There are rules. There are hideous distortions of tradition that simply make me very much like Michael Douglas in "Falling Down." Exactly how much can we distort our vision to make "whatever" work for us?

Good Lord, this is getting very complicated.

Eric and I discussed my lament over a cigarette behind the office this evening as I was leaving to come home. Eric surmised that he and I may be hyper-sensitive to those who feel like they can circumvent "the rules". Admittedly, I drive 80 to 85 m.p.h. on the expressway. And if we care to get into a deeper discussion about rules, I'll say I reject the "rules" as were taught to me at the Southern Baptist church in which I was reared.

I have learned and now believe that the God I worship is not the one who rejected my family through "God's vessel" and church secretary, Opal Huffman. Once, when Opal remarked to my mother, "we missed you last Sunday," my mother replied that she had accompanied my sisters to a Girl Scout weekend at Camp Honor Bright. "Oh, you're one of those," Opal said.

Give me a break, Opal. While I continue to work on understanding how I fit into this universe, I'm not judging a young mother who is trying her best to do what's right for her children and for herself. Sure, I'm not without guilt. But, and this is a very big "but," I try my best to treat everyone as I expect to be treated.

I like to think most people do this. But I fear that I am wrong.

Eric recounted his last trip through Atlanta-Hartsfield where a bunch of guys basically wormed their way through the zig-zag stanchions, saying "excuse me" (or not), cutting by, in front of, and over all the folks (apparently hundreds) who had already waited in line as expected. Their excuse when questioned? "We're late."

I feel like our society has increasingly shrugged responsibility. People are walking all over others with no remorse. People are putting themselves in bad financial risk, speculating on real estate or overextending in order to keep up appearances and expect the government to bail them out. People are getting away with murder.

Religious affiliation is inconsequential to me. If you don't understand the concepts of reverence, respect, and the like -- God, Allah, Budda, or that freak Scientologist and weirdo-couch-jumping-fool Tom Cruise, help you.

And if you're peddling "themed Easter Baskets," Damn you. Isn't Easter theme enough?

Since when is Hannah Montana, battle gear and Barbie what Easter is about?

I meant to talk about my awesome Mother and her involvement with the campaign for single-payer health care. In the meantime, watch her video. It's in the post below. And write your congressman.

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ZenDenizen said...

Based on this post, I think you would enjoy the book, Rejuvenile.

Btw, Falling Down is one of my all time favorite movies. Hope you find an appropriate way to vent so you don't go that route!