25 April 2008

It's My Birthday Too, Yeah

This morning I was frantically driving to work trying not to be more than 5 minutes late for my 9:00 meeting. Rob told us last night that we were "walking into a buzz saw" if we presented part of what we'd planned. So, I was stressed to say the least.

I know, Happy Birthday, David. Your day starting to suck already.

But, we walked into the buzz saw and came out unscathed. We presented what we'd intended and all went very well.

And, when I came out of the Executive Conference room, Amy S. mentioned that I had a surprise at the front desk. I walked down the stairs and saw a dozen red roses from Cameron with a card attached that said "Hi Sweety, Happy BD, I wish I was home. Love, Cameron."


As I made my way to my office I rounded the corner to find it festooned in lots of glittery fun. There was a small cake. Rockstar heart and star shaped sunglasses, a planter filled with Geraniums, Lantana, Coleus and Dusty Miller. This surprise was brought to me by Michelle, Amy and Alexandra, three of my favorite girls. Michelle inscribed the Hoops & Yoyo talking card from Hallmark they'd left for me with "Happy Birthday David!!! I love you!!! You look hotter every year! your "C", Michelle."

LOVE her. "Your 'C'" refers to a time when she, Eric and I went down to the diner to forage and were distracted by Dr. Phil on the TV. He was talking to a couple, the husband of which was apparently abusive. Dr. Phil was addressing the wife. He said, "you said he kissed the baby in your arms, punched you, called you a bitch. Then he called you a "C".

We all roared with laughter at how ridiculous this pompous, self-described expert sounded saying, "and then he called you a 'C'". It was like hearing somebody call a penis a "wee-wee." So, we all refer to each other as "C" when we think about it.

Anyway, on to the reason for this post. My "C", Michelle, Amy W. and Alexandra made my day.

I received my agency card that contained a half-day off certificate and inscriptions from co-workers. Some of the witty repartee: "happy birthday, bitch. Love, Michelle," and "I have enjoyed being next to the 'portal of hell.' Happy Birthday, Amy." Josh wrote that I should "smoke some grass." Since Brian was MIA for the card signing, Jim entered, "I Love You. Brian" for him.

"The portal of hell" is my office. Amy S. and I were having a discussion yesterday before our spirited debate with Rob (buzzsaw) about some outdoor boards. She and decided that we needed to talk to Andrea, who I paged saying, "Andrea, could you join Amy and me in the Portal of Hell?" Amy roared with laughter and wrote my statement down for her wall of funny phrases, oft referred to as "the Wall."

Here are the photos.

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ZenDenizen said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I can't remember the last time I celebrated my day at the office like that :)