23 April 2008

Turmoil. Then Bliss.

I haven't forgotten about my little space in the world here.

Work = overwhelming to the point of being hellish. I need a vacation.

After spending more than 24 hours over the last couple of days trying to develop a brand campaign for a new client and finding out that I didn't have all the information to make smart decisions on how to approach the project, I accompanied one of our principals and a counterpart for a working presentation yesterday afternoon that went fairly well. They liked our work, gave us direction and now need to have a finalized presentation prepared for mid-next week for their licensees. Busy, still, we'll be.

Regardless, a few minutes after 5 o'clock I was barreling up I-55 toward home for a last evening with Cameron for the next few days. Mosquitoes notwithstanding, we had a nice conversation and a couple cocktails outside. We moved inside to start dinner: orange roughy sauteed with onions, capers and lemon juice, accompanied with pan-seared bay scallops and prawns and steamed whole green beans with a bit of butter.

He'd rented two movies from Blockbuster and I had a Netflix disc available. Cloverfield, Juno or Jarhead? We popped Juno into the DVD and were both surprised and taken in by the film.

We thought it was delightful in spite of some reports that it was in poor taste and promoted teenage pregnancy. While I don't share those sentiments I understand how someone might feel that way. I just don't. To me the characters mostly acted with love, grace and understanding with a desire to do the right thing. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Because the remainder of the evening should be kept private it will. I'll just say it was blissful.

I hope all your rough days end in such a nice way.

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