21 May 2008


Lisa, here we come.

I went to the Shell station yesterday to find a tanker truck pumping gasoline into the storage tanks. Although the dashboard's little gas pump icon had been on for three days, and the VW's information center had displayed "PLEASE REFUEL" all the while, I drove a few extra blocks to an Exxon for $56 worth of $3.85 per gallon premium because I learned years ago (while working at StupidAmerica*) that one shouldn't refuel during such times as the fuel being delivered can cause sediment or water in the tanks to be pumped into one's car, clogging fuel filters, fuel injectors and causing all kinds of havoc.

Today, I'm going to finish detailing the car, attempt getting an oil change and looking over my shop manual to see if there is any of the 4,000 mile overdue 40,000 mile service I can do before we hit the road. I have a few things to finish up around the house before I do this, though. I need to go to Lowe's for some floodlamps for our security system. I need to put a new battery in the timer for the watering system. And, I need to figure out why Georgia is running around the yard with a ball of dirt in her mouth.

But, before that it's poop duty. I was busy planting, replanting, washing, waxing and whatever else yesterday, so I didn't get around to it. But, now I must.

20 May 2008

I Have Some Catching Up to Do

Wow. It's been an incredibly busy few weeks. I am finally getting the time to sit down and think about what I've missed posting about. First off, I haven't mentioned Cameron's birthday gift to me (besides the dozen roses he sent to my office). Below isn't the best photo of it because I kept fighting glare and reflections in the glass.

A few weeks ago he had Chip Foose from Discovery's "Overhaulin" on one of his flights. A few people asked for autographs and the like. And, being the awesome husband he is, Cameron thought of me and asked if Chip could do a sketch of my car. Chip told him that he wasn't sure what a 1967 Grand Prix looked like but he worked on it anyway. The only paper Cameron could find was an Inflight Incident Report. Mr. Foose did a great job, I think, since he wasn't sure he remembered the car.

He had it framed but was bursting at the seams to give it to me. So I got it a week or so before my birthday. It's awesome. And, so is Cameron.

13 May 2008

The Aftermath

This morning we pitched our capabilities to a panel of ten -- representatives of varoious departments of one of our largest clients.

Unexpectedly my account service counterpart had to miss the presentation due to a death in his family. So, at the last minute (yesterday) I was scrambling to finish the display and video portion of our presentation and now prepare a speech that I hadn't written or practiced.

I rewrote my speech last night and then again (for the third time) beginning this morning at 6:30. I read and reread it several times.

During my presentation I sort of condensed a lot of what I was saying. I got really nervous for some reason. Then, the audio screwed up (facility issue). So, we unplugged the audio jack and played it directly from my laptop.

When all was said and done the 12 of us (my colleagues) made lunch plans. As four of us got back into my car, I believe I screamed "Holy Crap, y'all! My fly is open!"

So, I stood in front of 10 clients and 11 colleagues with my fly open. Thankfully, my suit is tailored and it fits. So, no gaps. Nobody was the wiser. I hope.

06 May 2008

Tuesday 6 May

As you can tell from recent Luncheonette posts I haven't been eating a very healthy diet. It's time to jump back on the "no fast food" bus. Eric ditched me for lunch today to run to his tailor's and then to Danver's for one of the poorest excuses for a salad bar that I've seen in recent years. Gone are the days of the mega-sized salad bars like Sizzler used to have when I was a teen. Hell, Wendy's used to have a pretty awesome salad bar. But my idea of a salad bar has more than some iceberg, spinach, cucumbers, cheddar cheese and fake bacon bits. I'm not going to rattle off the entire salad bar's offerings here, but let it suffice to say that it's very, very basic.

So, I hopped into the convertible (it's a beautiful day) and drove over to Bogey's Delicatessen in Overton Square. Purveyors of all the delicious Boar's Head products you can imagine, I pondered ordering one of the best Reuben sandwiches around. But, as usual, I fell back to my favorite: the Salad Sampler. On Fridays it includes Shrimp Salad, but today being Tuesday I get half a deviled egg instead. The salads are Potato, Pasta, Chicken, Tuna, and Romaine with chopped tomatoes, cucumber and vinaigrette.


01 May 2008

Thursday 1 May

It's May Day and it's partly cloudy, but there's no rain in the forecast for today. I drove the Grand Prix today, top down. Eric and I decided to drive it to Tops Bar-B-Q for lunch where we ordered the usual: "#4, all the way, double fry." That's their lexicon so that's the way we order it. And, I suppose we're somewhat familiar faces there.

#4 (Double Cheeseburger), all the way, Double Fry

After we staked our claim at a booth in what Eric referred to as "The Garden Room," he went to the counter for a small cup of mustard. When he returned, he said, "I got some sass while I was at the counter."

Apparently he asked why the place got so smoky suddenly. I'm not sure which of the gals behind the counter answered, "it's a barbecue place."

E: "It wasn't this smoky a minute ago."

She: "It's a barbecue place."

E: "Did the vents shut off?"

Then, the woman wearing a "Julia"-styled wig, a la Dihann Carroll from the 1960s show with the same name, and orange lacquer hoop earrings, says, "Look at you! What do you know about those vents?"

Cat's Paw

When I was a kid my mother used to take us to Campbell's Shoe Repair to have shoes reheeled or resoled, and I remember seeing signs for Cat's Paw rubber heel replacements.

Today, I feel like such a heel.

My friend Shawn commemorated my birthday with a very nice card, mailed snail mail which I think is special. We talked a bit on the phone that day and it was all around a great day with the exception that Cameron was out of town.

Fast-forward to Tuesday, April 29. It's Shawn's birthday. I didn't send him a card. I didn't even IM him that day. I was so inundated and preoccupied with putting together a 114-page book (in one day) that I thought of nothing else. I was here from 9:00 AM until Midnight. I was here so late that I even went home to find that Billie had pooped on the bedspread that Georgia had dragged into the floor of the guest bedroom.

Still, it's a gross oversight. And, I am so good at remembering birthdays, usually, that I feel this one is especially heinous.

So, in his honor I'm saying Happy Birthday, here. Shawn, I hope you had a great day.